About Us

At the very core of everything we do, is to provide our customers with real, authentic travel experiences that are run by local guides, within local communities. No one knows a place quite like the people that were born there, therefore it's our goal to think local by focusing our energies on increasing sustainable tourism through the promotion of small local businesses. However, we understand that people can make or break an experience, therefore it’s our promise to match our customers with like-minded people they can trust. Whether they are a couple looking to meet other like-minded couples on a catamaran trip around the Greek islands or a solo traveller looking to meet new friends while climbing Kilimanjaro, we promise to maintain full pairing transparency from the start. Here at GoKo, we don’t look at ourselves as a business, we look at ourselves as a family.

Why us?

Connect with likeminded people from all over the world!
GoKo understands that booking an adventure tour can be scary, especially for the solo traveller. Recognising this, GoKo offers a unique matchmaking experience by promising full pairing transparency so you can see exactly who you will partnered with throughout your GoKo adventures. Here are 4 simple steps to get you started:
Step 1: Sign up
Register an account with GoKo Travels and create your personalised travel account. You can even our secure Facebook login
Step 2: Pick Your Adventure
Search one of our hand-picked adventure tours or volunteering projects and join a tour group chat!!
Step 3: Find Travel Buddies
Once you have joined a group chat, speak with likeminded travellers to explore the globe with! It's time to make friends for life!
Step 4: Enjoy Our Discounts
Enjoy unbeatable discount offers when booking in groups of 2 or more. Discount codes can be found within each tour group chat.

Our Team

George Game

Founder of GoKo Travels - It is my passion to making your travel dreams a reality. No dream is too big and no adventure is too challenging.

Charlie Wood

Videographer / Photographer - Travel is about the people you meet and memories you make.


Becoming a registered user allows you to join multiple GoKo travel teams and communicate with adventurers looking the complete that same journey as you. Find the perfect group to explore the globe with and we will give you HUGE group discounts accessible via the GoKo travellers private group chats.


At the very core of everything we do is the desire to explore new places & meet new faces. The point of our tours is to get the most out of your time spent in a country. There is something unfulfilling about rushing through a country without getting a full taste of what the culture is about. Travelling is about the people you encounter, the stories you share & the memories you take & leave behind.


Our adventures are for travellers aged 18 - 36. However, we are focused on pairing customers into groups based on age and shared interests. We get it, there is nothing worse than joining an adventure tour in your mid-30s to be greeting with 20 drunk backpackers after a very different experience. Although, if that is what you are after… that party atmosphere can very much be arranged.


Every project and tour that we offer is personally handpicked by one of our travel professions and promises to be sustainable, locally registered and primed on offering the real local experience. By focusing our efforts on increasing sustainable tourism through promoting locally registered organisations, we aim to give back to minorities in impoverished communities and those that need it the most.


Do not fear, our business is built for you! All of our tours are design to match solo adventure goers with like-minded people from every corner of the planet.


We will get there! Our aim is to personally send each GoKo executive on every tour and placement we offer. By doing this, we will know every tour like the back of our hand, while gaining an insight scoop into the local communities and develop personal relationships with each supplier and tour guide within the company. Stay tuned for our travel documentaries series in 2019

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