Australian visa changes: What does this mean now?

As many of you know, this year Australia announced a HUGE change to employer sponsored visas: They abolished the 457.

What is the 457? –  Employees used the 457 visa to employ overseas migrants in sponsored skilled work. And we loved it!!!


WAIT…WHAT?? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?? Well, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has replaced the 457 with a temporary visa with STRICTER REQUIREMENTS. In short, Malcolm has made this change because the government want to put “Australian citizens first” and don’t want to give jobs to migrants when they “should go to Australians”.


What does that mean for us now? Well, as of March 2018 the 457 visa will no longer exist and employers can only sponsor qualified SKILLED employees to work TEMPORARILY in Australia under the new TSS visa.


What is the new TSS visa? Well TSS stands for “Temporary Skill Shortage” and will only allow for a short-term 2-year visa and a long-term 4-year visa. More importantly, this new visa is SPECIFICALLY designed to recruit only the BEST and BRIGHTEST in the national interested. In theory, this will decrease citizen unemployment rates and stop employers abusing the 457.


How does the TSS visa differ?? Well here’s a list:

Short term applications:

  • Granted for a maximum term of two years
  • Visa can be renewed onshore once only
  • Applicant must demonstrate that they genuinely intend to only stay in Australia temporarily
  • No permanent residency pathway
  • Applicants must pass an International English Language Test.

Longer term applications:

  • Granted for a maximum of four years
  • Can be renewed onshore
  • Permanent residency pathway for holders after three years
  • Applicants must have an International English Language Test

So…what does this mean for me if I have already applied? What is it happening and WHEN?


Well…if you are already waiting for your 457 visa to be accepted….it won’t be. Sorry. Unfortunately, and it pains me to say, you will need to withdraw your application and requested a refund. Then an assessment will be needed to see whether you can be lodged in a new occupation or if you can satisfy any additional work experience.

As of July 1st, Police will be checking all 457 visa applications and those who already have permanent residency visa, will have to pass an English language test.


Will my job be affected?

Well, over 200 occupations have been cut from the occupation lists for applications entirely, including:

  • Human Resources
  • Building/engineering jobs
  • IT support
  • Telecommunications technicians 

And over 50 occupations are now subject to investigations and restricted in which applicant can be sponsored, including:

  • Managing director
  • Corporate general manager
  • Corporate services manager
  • Customer services manager
  • Management consultant
  • Marketing specialist
  • Sales and marketing manager

This controversial and quite confusing change is affecting all migrants living in Australia regardless of passport or occupation, so we are all in the same boat.


Although a rather complex issue, I hope this has cleared up a few questions you may have and if you have anymore, feel free to leave a comment for further discussions or visit the government website: 


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