Mount Everest Videographer Competition Terms and Conditions

Submit your entry by completing our application form stating why you deserve this opportunity.

Applications will open at 00:00am on 3rd February 2021 and close at 11.59pm on 3rd March 2021.

Any applications received before the opening and after the closing of the application process will be invalid and will not be entered.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or over. When contacted, the successful applicant may be asked to provide proof of age.

This opportunity is open to residents of all countries.

Any applications which are incomplete, incorrect, incomprehensible or offensive will be void.

By providing GoKo Travels with your applications for the means of this role you are agreeing to allow GoKo Travels to use this content in any of their future communications and marketing material.

Applicants’ contact information and details will not be shared with third parties.

The winner will be picked at random and their suitability for the role will be assessed based on their personal statement on why they deserve the role. If the applicant is deemed unsuitable another winner will be picked at random until a suitable applicant is found.

The winner is at the full discretion of GoKo Travels. The decision of GoKo Travels is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

GoKo Travels will attempt to notify the successful applicant within 21 days after the closing date of applications. He/she will be contacted by email and/or phone.

The successful applicant will have seven days in which to claim his or her prize. If we are unable to notify the applicant, or if the applicant fails to respond within the fixed time period, this may result in forfeiture of the opportunity and GoKo Travels reserves the right to select an alternative winning applicant in accordance with these terms and conditions and the competition information.

Upon confirmation of acceptance, the successful applicant may be announced on the GoKo Travels social media channels.

The opportunity is subject to availability and the terms and conditions as outlined below.

The prize includes a free place for 1 person on a 17-night small group tour, starting in Kathmandu and flying to Lukla where the trek to Mt Everest begins. Accommodation through the tour is included.

The prize also includes a payment of £150.

The winner will be charged with gathering video footage of their trip. All video footage gathered will be the sole copyright of GoKo Travels and will be used across their marketing and communications channels.

The date for travel will be set once international travel restrictions have been lifted and it is safe and reasonable to travel again. Travel dates will be restricted based on availability. If the winner is unable to travel on the set dates GoKo Travels reserve the right to select an alternate winner.

Tour information will be sent out via email after the successful applicant has accepted their prize, and arrangements will be made for dates and times of travel when it is reasonable to do so.

International flights are not included as part of the prize.

Spending money and other expenses are not included as part of the prize.

Prize may not be sold on online auction sites. Prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or any other alternative.

Employees connected with this promotion from GoKo Travels, Travel Agents, any employees of third-party prize suppliers and promotional agencies and their families are excluded from taking part in this competition. Anyone found to be a third-party supplier will automatically forfeit the prize and a redraw will take place.

No purchase is necessary to apply for this opportunity.

Entry instructions and prize descriptions form part of these terms and conditions.

By entering this competition, you agree to these terms.

GoKo Travels accept no greater duty of care for the successful applicant than they do any other customer.

The winning applicant will not be an employee of GoKo Travels.

The prize money offered to the winning applicant will be processed as a marketing cost and not an employee salary.

10 thoughts on “Mount Everest Videographer Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. Hello
    I’ve experiences for trekking and I love travelling.
    I’m a French PE teacher and Approach the everest is one of my dreams.
    So I try my luck here.
    See u soon.

  2. I have climbed Denali, Mt. Rainer, Whitney and Kilimanjarl- I always hoped to do Everest, but was denied that opportunity due to 2 back surgeries in recent years. I have since recovered fully and would love to trek to base camp. I am able to furnish my airfare and personal expenditures. I also own my own drones and videotape everything already! Thanks for the consideration.

  3. Hallo,
    my Name is Michael I am 24 years old and I work in a Bank.
    One of my biggest dreams is to Travel to the Himalaya and visited the People and the wounderful mountains.
    So I try my luck here.

    Best wishes

  4. Hi, my name is Marcel I am 26 years old and I have always dreamed of climbing the famous Mt everest. I see it as a big dream as well as the biggest challenge of my life and Id be glad to get the chance to give it a try.

  5. Hello !
    Visiting Everest camp base is not on l’y a dream, it is also why I train since 2 tzars. I leave nearby French Pyrénées moutains and go hiking almost every week, by every season.
    Moutains are like a close friend… someone I miss, where I can laugh, be happy or deeply grateful. But also where I can cry, confident, or share my deepest soul and will always be here to listen . It is in the earth before and after me. That is why I respect them above everything and really care about their past, present and future.
    This trek respresents a lot for me ; I would meet « grand family » of my regular friends , where this particular feeling could take a deep sense of humility. This area attract me to meet the most humble people which, even at the other side of the earth, understand what I feel, what I need and what we troughly share…

  6. Bonjour à tous.
    Je devais partie an Équateur au mois de mars pour une durée d’un mois , mais suite au covid 19 cela est devenu impossible.
    Je devais partir avec un amis et guide..
    Alors je profite de cette opportunité si cela est possible..
    Je suis partant pour cette magnifique occasion v découvrir l’immensité le ciel les montagnes..
    Je voulais découvrir la lune et je découvre l’everete mille merci à vous de cette opportunité.
    Cordialement allée eric

  7. Hey!
    My name is Alex!
    I am glad to welcome everyone!
    I am a professional videographer and documentary filmmaker. I have been mountaineering since my youth. I made several climbings. My dream is to make a film about Everest and be a part of a wonderful team.
    Thank you!

  8. Hello, I’m artist and my name is Kate. I’m traveller, I’m make travel moves. I’m want to see the place where lived my spiritual master, artist and philosophy N. Roerich. For me this trip will be a special experience and I’m will be a happy will meet a new good people

  9. Hello!
    My name is Sam
    I’m from Russia
    half of my life I’ve been surfing and doing triathlon
    all my life I dreamed of conquering Everest
    This is not just a mountain and not just a dream, it is the purpose of my entire existence!
    I have experience in camera shooting
    ready for any physical and mental stress
    looking forward to the results !!

  10. Hello,

    My name is Matt. At this very moment I am taking a break to write these words from learning for my judge exam here in Poland. It is my dream job as I will be able to make real change for the people around me, but then again it requires all kinds of non-Mount Everest related tasks to be completed. This year me and my wife are also trying to have our first baby. So, pretty soon I will be “too old for this stuff”.
    And this stuff – meaning travelling and especially spending any time in the near vicinity of mountains is in the top things I love. And truth be told – the Himalayas have always been my dream, especially since they are an epicentre of Buddhist religion, which I feel particularly inclined to.
    I would be over the moon and so grateful for the opportunity to come and experience this wonderful adventure. Plus I think I could really fit in – I am sporty, cheerful, never compain when in the mountains (my wife can attest to that) and I speak 6,5 languages if you count Polish, and I think you really should. Plus I did some amateur photo shoots and read some books, so I know where to point the camera.

    Hope to hear from you – and whether we meet or not – safe travels 🙂


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