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My Story

GoKo Travels is the brainchild of George Game. After spending over 4 years on the road, George set forward to create a service that promised customers full pairing transparency and unparalleled value! GoKo now focuses its energies on increasing sustainable tourism through the promotion of small businesses', raising money for charities and foundations by running global "adventure challenges" and personalising bespoke educational, sporting and adventure tours for corporate and student groups, with the chief aim of improving satisfaction levels and desirability from the inside out. What's more, if you're a solo traveller, you can choose from one of GoKo's hand-picked adventure tours. Here, GoKo promises to go out of their way to connect you with like-minded travellers from all over the globe! Travelling is about the people you encounter, the stories you share and the memories you take and leave behind.

Why Us?

At the very core of everything we do, is to provide our customers with real, authentic travel experiences that are run by local guides, within local communities. No one knows a place quite like the people that were born there, therefore it's our goal to think local by focusing our energies on increasing sustainable tourism through the promotion of small local businesses. Whether you are a solo traveller looking to meet like-minded people, a group looking to raise money for a foundation or charity, a student / corporate group looking to personalise a bespoke trip or a couple longing to create your very own private getaway, know that GoKo's core principle will always remain the same: VALUE! Here at GoKo, we don’t look at ourselves as a business, we look at ourselves as a family.

Adventure Tours
If you're a solo traveller, choose one of our hand-picked adventure tours and be connected with like-minded travellers from all over the globe! It's time to make friends for life!
Bespoke Packages
Whether you are are a corporate group, sports club / society, or a group of friends looking to tailor a unique package, GoKo will bespoke a value driven itinerary to fulfil an inner purpose
Charity Challenges
Adventure Travel is great, but adventure travel with a purpose - is EVERYTHING! See the world and raise money for an incredible cause at the same time. Together we can make a difference!


Behind the scenes
George Game
Founder of GoKo Travels - It is my passion to making your travel dreams a reality. No dream is too big and no adventure is too challenging.
Charlie Wood
Videographer / Photographer - Travel is about the people you meet and memories you make.
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