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We go above and beyond to deliver value-driven group adventure holidays, tailor-made itineraries,
and charity challenges that fulfill an inner purpose

The GoKo Story

Our story begins with George Game, who, after spending over 4 years traveling the world, set forth to build a service that went above and beyond in delivering high value-driven adventures and challenges that fulfil an inner purpose.
"Providing unmatched value is the driving force behind everything we do." George Game (Director)"

There is undoubtedly something beautiful about visiting a new country and being fully immersed in a completely new culture for the first time. Here at GoKo, we want to provide you with a true culture-enriching experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.
Goko Travels Founder & CEO
GoKo focuses its energies on increasing sustainable tourism through the promotion of small businesses'.
Working directly with local partners on the ground, GoKo completes its mission in 3 ways

Goko Travel Holi

1. Hand-picked Adventure Tours for the solo traveler:

If you are a solo traveler afraid to take that giant leap alone, GoKo promises you to connect you with like-minded travelers from all over the globe! Simply choose from one of our handpicked adventure tours and we will get matching.

Traveling is about the people you encounter, the stories you share and the memories you take and leave behind.

2. Bespoke Packages:

Whether you are a solo traveller, a group of friends, a corporate team or a student sports club/society, GoKo will bespoke a value-driven itinerary to meet even the most niche requests.

Experts in the field, we now give groups the power to set their own budget, choose their location, pick their own activities, decide the duration time and much more. Tailor-made holidays have never been so easy.

Bespoke Package
Charity Challenges

3. Charity Challenges:

Join one of our unforgettable adventures and raise money for an incredible cause close to your heart. What's more, we will even tailor your very own adventure challenge to meet your group's needs. Together we can make a difference


At the very core of everything we do, is to provide our customers with real, authentic travel experiences that are run by local guides, within local communities. No one knows a place quite like the people that were born there, therefore we promise to always remain local and focus our energies on providing our customers with real, high-valued experiences they will never forget. Here at GoKo, we don’t look at ourselves as a business, we look at ourselves as a family


Goko Travel Team

George Game

Goko Travel Team

Charlie Wood

Videographer / Photographer
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