5 Reasons Why The Aegean Sea Is One Of The Top Sailing Destinations In Europe

Jan 20, 2022

The Aegean boasts over 6,000 beautiful Greek islands and islets. Spoilt for choice? Don’t panic, only 227 are inhabited.

Greece hosts over 30 million visitors a year, all flocking to set sail around the iconic sailing routes, soak up the Mediterranean sun, swim in its famously crystal clear waters and dance till dawn in one of the thousands of lively hotspots in and around the gem that is the Aegean sea.

Immerse yourself in bright sun-drenched turquoise waters and pristine beaches by day and world-class Greek dining and dancing by night. The Aegean sea experience is second to none for summer adventure, fun-filled nights and of course unbeatable sailing routes around the treasure trove of unique and exquisitely beautiful Greek islands.

Greeks have been sailing pioneers for thousands of years. The evidence of their ancient civilization is evident everywhere and knowing you could be sailing the same routes as ancient mariners adds to the charm and sense of adventure. 

Modern Greeks are not only sailing experts too, but certainly, know how to party! Greek hospitality is world-renowned, you will be welcomed with open arms and always be well fed! After feasting on mezze and the obligatory ouzo, you will never be very far from a lively bar or two where you can dance until sunrise. we highly recommend a dip in the restorative Aegean waters to clear your head and invigorate your mind, before setting sail around the hundreds of Greek islands the Aegean has to offer.

Below we had put together the top 5 reasons why the Aegean why just be the best sailing destination in Europe, and quite possibly, the world.

1: The Greek Way of Life

The Greeks certainly know a thing or two about sailing, after all, they pioneered sailing at around 1600bc!
Nothing screams adventure more than island hopping the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea. Life aboard a Greek Yacht is sublime! Salty sea air, sunsets, freshly cooked traditional Greek Mezze and Ouzo come as standard. Sun-drenched decks, ice-cold beers and frequent dips in the tranquil waters are part and parcel of life at sea. You can expect to see dolphins, Sea turtles, Basking sharks (don’t panic they are totally harmless to humans) and even the very rare and endangered Mediterranean monk seals.
The freedom of island hopping with the wind in your sails is such a draw to thousands of travellers. The local skippers know all of the hidden coves and bays which provide the best snorkelling and dive spots as well as the best places to party and sample the delicious traditional greek food.
You are literally spoilt for choice with which islands to visit, each island and port has its own unique charm and personality. Rest assured whichever route you take it’s all about the journey, not the destination which is more than half the fun.
2: Methana Island: Sun, Sand, Sea and Volcanoes!

The Volcanic island of Methana is an incredible place to explore! Sailing around its stunning azure blue waters and sampling diving freshly caught seafood in the tiny fishing villages is something not to be missed. Exploring Metha you will discover impressive Lava domes and craters all while taking in views of the Saronic Gulf. Ancient archaeological sites and natural thermal baths are a major pull for so many intrepid sailors too.

Methahana’s natural mineral-rich Thermal waters have been utilised for their incredible healing abilities and are in plentiful suppler here in Mathana, where you will find a specially designed thermal spa to reinvigorate and melt away any tensions and past stress. The thermal waters spring from volcanic craters all over the peninsular. 

The peninsular is home to approximately 32 volcanos. Climbing to the largest crater is a truly remarkable and challenging experience. If you prefer a more sedate afternoon on Methana, sunbathing on one of the islands volcanic beaches is a must (Anaryiron, Nissaki Aylon, Limnionas and Vathy) 

3: The Sleepy and Idyllic fishing villages!

Sailing the Aegean you will be spoilt for choice with incredible seafood and charming traditional fishing villages. For us, Peridka is up there with some of the best islands in the region! Perdika is the picture-perfect traditional Greek fishing village complete with a serene little bay where you can unwind, top-up that tan and hire a small wooden boat and visit the island of Moni. 

Perdika not only has a plethora of fish Tavernas, modern bars and cafes but also some majestic wildlife. You can expect to bump into wild peacocks and Deer which roam freely here.

The island of Aegina is a real pull for many tourists who visit Perdika, due to its stunning natural beauty and being the home to one of Greece’s most ancient temples, Aphaia. Driving around on an ATV is also an extremely fun and easy way to explore the island if you are up for an adventure.

Perdika really comes to life on the weekend! Many greek Tourists flock here to soak up the ambience of the old town with its traditional Aegean style of white square houses and winding narrow streets.

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4: Ancient Cities & Cosmopolitan Nightlife

Athens is the largest and oldest city in Greece, with its rich history spanning over 3,400 years! 

The Capital city of Greece is named after Athena the goddess of wisdom and warfare. Athenians are proud of their history, after all, Athens is the birthplace of both democracy and modern civilization!

Athens is jam-packed with absolutely incredible unique tourist attractions. The Acropolis and the Parthenon is one of the world’s most popular historic sites and claims to be over 2460 years old! Make sure you visit these breathtaking ancient ruins while in Athens.

The Acropolis museum is home to the most valuable ancient greek art in the world! We recommend visiting during the peak sunshine hours to cool off and immerse yourself in the ancient artefacts at this 25,000 square meters Athenian mega museum.

The acropolis is situated above the city and has incredible panoramic views of the city. The almost entirely preserved temple of Hephaestus is a huge draw to many tourists. Make sure it is on your list of historic sites to visit.

The Greeks do not have a word for hangover, which says a lot about the nightlife in Athens. Expect sleek stylish bars, celebrity DJ’s and decadent late-night dining across this bustling metropolis.

5: Private Shipping Fleets With Expert Skippers

Your Greek adventures at sea should be stress-free and serene! Greece has some of the best equipped Modern Yachts complete with Sun decks, private cabins and Highly skilled skippers. 

It’s well worth choosing a fleet with years of experience as the Skippers have the best knowledge of all the hidden bays and best snorkelling spots! You can relax with an ice-cold beer while your delicious fresh lunch is prepared on board. 

The skippers will plan all the best sailing routes to ensure you get the most out of your trip. Greece literally has it all and you can set the pace from mild to wild. Sunbathing, rock climbing, exploring hidden coves and shipwrecks or dancing the night away with plenty of ouzo! The world really is your oyster when sailing the Aegean. If you love the sea, have a sense of adventure and want to carve out memories that will last a lifetime then what are you waiting for? Dive on in!

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