Top Adventure Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2022

Jan 28, 2021

Liv Warden for Goko Travels

Let’s be honest, we could all use a trip away right now. But until we are permitted to fly into the clouds instead of pining longingly out of the window staring at them, a certain level of escapism will have to do! 

To combat the globetrotters FOMO, we have done our research into the Top Adventure Travel Bloggers out there right now; with the hope that they can help you forget about the miserable British weather and start planning your next excursion into the unknown.  

Photo Cred: Time Travel Turtle

When Australian journalist Michael Turtle quit his job to travel the world, he started to document where he was going and what he was getting up to… and boy, are we glad he did. His website even has its own interactive map, so searching for your next destination has never been easier. 

We loved his piece on The World’s Oldest Backpacker – we can only dream of being that awesome at 89 years old!

Photo Credit: Adventure Journal

The slick and professional Adventure Journal was founded by Steve Casimiro, former editor of Powder magazine, founding editor of Bike magazine and West Coast editor of National Geographic Adventure. 

These guys seem to have a wide variety of content, from funny videos of bears chasing skiers down a mountain, to a guide on How To Use A Map and Compass on Off Trail Runs.

Photo Cred: Bearfoot Theory 

The adorably monikered Bearfoot theory seem to have a firm belief in the power of the outdoors. They have some great blogs about the best products and apparel for women, and also have it covered when it comes to keeping happy and healthy whilst travelling. 

Check out their 35 Positive Affirmations for a Happy, Healthy, Grounded Life!

Photo Cred: Uncharted Backpacker

Stephen Gollan at Uncharted Backpacker is a specialist when it comes to the hidden corners of our planet. After eleven years of globetrotting, he has literally hundreds of blogs from every inch of the world. 

From dangerous escapades in Yemen, to travelling cheaply in Papua New Guinea; you could easily lose a few hours browsing through his adventure stories. Well worth a read!

Photo Cred: Be My Travel Muse

Kristen at Be My Travel Muse is one of the top female travel bloggers in the world. Her impressive archive of blogs often focus on how women can travel alone safely, and get the best out of their adventures – so refreshing to see! 

We especially loved her collection of The Best Airbnbs To Dream of In Lake Tahoe… an instagrammers dream.

Photo Cred: The Adventure Junkies

The team over at The Adventure Junkies have a really useful breakdown of all their categories – Dive, Climb, Cycle, Hike… you name it, they have it covered. 

From Best Freediving Wetsuits of 2021 to Best Headphones for Snowboarding in 2021, we defy you to try and find a topic they haven’t covered! A huge help when trying to figure out how to prepare for your next adventure.

Photo Cred: Nomadasaurus

Alesha and Jarryd at Nomadasaurus have been travelling the world together for over 13 years, searching for the best destinations and adventures across the globe. They started their blog in 2013 to document their trip from Asia to Africa without any air travel, and over the years they have graced the internet with some fantastic content along the way on their Blog and YouTube channel.

 Our particular favourite is their

">Antarctica Vlog – which they declared was ‘the best day of their lives!’

Photo Cred: Expert Vagabond

Digital nomad and photographer Matt has been travelling for over 10 years, and has plenty of stories to prove it. 

From documenting his Magic Sant Yak Tattoo – 

Over 40 people watched in silence as a monk repeatedly penetrated my flesh like a sewing machine.’ 

to sharing his run in with the Cuban Government

A few years after I traveled to Cuba as an American, I received an official subpoena by the US Treasury Department for possible economic sanctions violations.”

Matt has certainly had his fair share of adventures!

Photo Cred: The Adventure Blog

Kraig Becker, CEO and Founder of The Adventure Blog, is originally from Nashville TN, but his travels have taken him to all four corners of the globe. His blog may be small, but we can’t help but fall in love with Kraig’s thirst for adventure – he especially enjoys writing about summit treks and wildlife. 

Check out his most recent blog The Historic First Winter Ascent of K2… a moment to remember, that’s for sure!

Photo Cred: The World Travel Guy

David and his wife Intan both make up The World Travel Guy team, having met in Bali during their travels. They have been featured on both USA Today and MTV Travel, and have plenty of advice when it comes to your next adventure destination. 

Check out their list of 21 Best Things To Do in Koh Tao, Thailand – those beaches are to die for! 

What makes us so excited about this list is the fact that literally anyone can be a successful travel blogger. Writers, photographers, families, backpackers – they all have their own story to tell and we simply love reading them. Travel blogging is one of the most popular categories online – and with content creators like this lot, we can see why! 

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