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Italy Adventure Holidays

Italy Adventure Holidays

Italy Adventure Holidays

Italy arguably houses some of the world's most famous art, architecture, landscapes and gastronomy; making it one of the most sought after destinations in Europe. 

Italy conjures romantic thoughts of the glorious Colosseum in Rome, the striking Duomo Cathedral in Florence, the legendary fashion icons in Milan, the resplendent canals in Venice and the riches within the Vatican city. However, although these distinguished cities boast some of the most recognised and important monuments in history, Italy still has so much more for offer.

Dive deeper into the heart of this magnificent country by hiking the majestic Dolomite peaks in the north, cycle through the famed wine vineyards in central Tuscany, sail the volcanic shores of southern Sicily, or hop around the picture perfect islands of the Amalfi coast. Adventure is now!

Our Personal Travel Experts know Italy really well. If you want to find out more about their historic cities, mountain climbs or coastal walks, get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll tailor your perfect holiday.

Honestly, Italy is both pretty and popular all year round. Nonetheless, the best time to visit Italy (in terms of the weather and lack of crowds), would be April - June, and September to October. 

If you are visiting the Amalfi coast or southern Italy, May and September are the best two months to visit. Here, the weather is generally beautiful and the activities plentiful, without the crowds that July and August bring.

For the Dolomites, the best hiking months are June through September. Peak season is July and August.

At the time of writing, EU citizens do not need a visa to travel to Italy. All you need is your passport with at least 6-months left before expiry. The same goes for the US and Australian citizens.

However, please note that this may change soon due to new Brexit regulations and COVID-19 rules. Please check here for more up-to-date information.

If you are a citizen of another country, we recommend checking with your local embassy.

Some vaccinations may be required to enter Italy. As such, it is very important to check with your GP before travelling. Your GP will be able to provide you with all up to date travel information and will give you updates if regulation changes. 

Travel insurance is mandatory on all our trips. We also recommend that you carry a First Aid kit and hand sanitisers / antibacterial wipes as well as any personal medical requirements.

Please see "Essential tour information" on each specific trip for more detailed information regarding safety, travel, Insurance, flights and more.
Italy Facts

Italy is characterised by a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. July is the hottest month with temperatures rising as high as 30C (86F), and January is the coldest month (averaging 8C (46F)).

Central European Time Zone (GMT+1)

Our Italy Adventures


Whether you're wanting to tweak one of our existing tours or looking to bespoke a unique package from the round up. Goko will tailor a holiday to fulfill your inner dreams!