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North America

Adventure Holidays & Tailor-Made Experiences

North America

Adventure Holidays & Tailor-Made Experiences

North America

North America is where the great outdoors meets epic adventures! The world's most iconic road trips along Route 66, ancient Aztec ruins, dense rainforests, high-plain desserts, towering snow capped peaks, sprawling cityscapes and the great rocky mountains; North America will blow you away!

Starting high up in the icy borders of the Arctic circle and scaling down towards the far reaches of the Gulf of Mexico, this stunning continent may be the most diverse on earth. 

Whatever your travel dreams may be, North America offers a plethora and a dynamic mix of cultures, cuisines, landscapes, histories and adventures that will leave you itching for more.  

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North America boasts most of the most unique landscapes on the planet. Housing nearly  370 million people, North America incorporates the deep red canyons of Arizona, the lush tropical rainforests of California and Alaska, the barren plains of New Mexico and the towering mountains of Canada. 

What’s more, North America is home to the lynx, grizzly bears, polar bears, alligators and even Moose, highlighting just how diverse this incredible continent really is.

To many, the heritage of this country is legendary. North America gave the world blues, jazz, funk and soul; their cities have produced some of the best modern and multicultural art in the world (shout out to New york and Washington); and their films have moved the entire globe since cinema began.

With between 7-11 distinct cultures historically shaping North America (including Latino, African, Asian and European influence), this continent is somewhat of a “melting pot” of difference. In their own little way, each culture has influenced and constructed the colourful "flavors" of North American culture and made it what it is today.

North America owes much of its cuisine to its colonial history and blend of influences. 

Thick barbecue ribs and smoked brisket in Texas; street Tacos and burritos in Mexico; curd, gravy and cheese poutine in Canada; Boiled Crab and Gumbo in New Orleans; Beef bagels and pastrami in New york; and freshly brewed beer and homemade pizza in the Midwest - doesn't even begin to scratch the service of what this amazing continent has to offer.



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