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Peru Adventure Holidays

Peru Adventure Holidays

Peru Adventure Holidays

Peru - it's beautiful and diverse nature makes it the perfect destination for any adventure goer. Mysterious landscapes, wild Amazon jungles and soaring Andes mountains – Peru harbours bucket-list adventures and experiences beyond your imagination. 

Understandably, most travellers come to visit the country’s most famous sites; the extraordinary ruins of Machu Picchu (UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World) and the Rainbow Mountains. These breathtaking sites have appeared in almost every adventure brochure and travel book every published and it's easy to see why.

However, sitting in the shadows of those fascinating attractions, is the real, authentic Peru. Once you have a ticked off the bucket-list moments on Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountains, it is time to to fall in love with the country's traditions. Wind your way through lost jungle-clad civilizations that once gave life to the Amazon, explore their rare and diverse wildlife, soak in the history of Lima and Cusco or immerse yourselves in the idigenous culture and traditional ways on Lake Titicaca. 

Whether you’re looking for a true mountain adventure, a cultured escape with a sprinkle of hiking, or an educated history lesson diving into the country's ancient traditions and idiginous ways, Peru will undoubtedly deliver with open arms. 

Our Personal Travel Experts know Peru really well. If you want to find out more about the world famous hiking trail or ancient cities, get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll tailor your perfect holiday.

Peru’s climate is extremely varied and is dependent on where you go in the country, therefore, it’s difficult to say when the best time to travel is. If you’re going to the desert coast, expect it to be very hot in December to March and cooler from April to November. If you are itching to explore their mountains and the jungles (including Machu Picchu), the best time to visit is just after the wet season = May - September.. Please note that the trails to Machu Picchu are closed in February when it rains the most, while the trail is at its busiest from June to August. If you do wish to visit during these months, please take into consideration that Inca Trail permits sell out extremely quickly.

At the time of writing, citizens of Australia, USA, UK,, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa do not currently require a visa for Peru. On arrival you’re normally given permission to stay for up to 90 days. However, You may need to show your return ticket upon arrival and / or complete a landing card upon arrival. What's more, you’re staying for longer than 90 days then you’ll need to apply for a visa before travelling. For the most up to date information on visa requirements, we recommend you contact the Peruvian embassy in your country or visit (for UK citizens):

Some vaccinations may be required depending on where you are going, when and what you’re doing. Therefore, it is important to check with your GP before travelling. Your GP will be able to provide you with all up to date travel information. If you are visiting the Amazon you may need a Yellow Fever certificate upon entering the country. Please check in with your local consulate and health expert for advice on Yellow Fever and other inoculations required for this area. If you are trekking at high altitudes then bear in mind you may experience altitude sickness. This can affect people regardless of fitness levels or age. Keep hydrated and be sure to tell your guide if you feel unwell. Travel insurance is mandatory for all our trips so please ensure you show evidence of your policy before travelling. We recommend that you carry a First Aid kit and hand sanitisers / antibacterial wipes as well as any personal medical requirements.

Please see "Essential tour information" on each specific trip for more detailed information regarding safety, travel, Insurance, flights and more.
Peru Facts

Peru’s climate is extremely varied. Housing three distinct climates (all with varying degrees of humidity), Peru remains fairly warm year-round. Average temperatures in the high season are 26C (79F), while the winter temperature sits around 18C (64F).

Spanish, Quechua and Aymara
Sol (Peruvian)
Peru’s timezone is GMT-05:00


Whether you're wanting to tweak one of our existing tours or looking to bespoke a unique package from the round up. Goko will tailor a holiday to fulfill your inner dreams!