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Slovakia Adventure Holidays

Slovakia Adventure Holidays

Slovakia Adventure Holidays

Located directly in the heart of Europe and landlocked by eight different countries, this unexpecting and somewhat overlooked little gem is slowly growing in popularity. Thanks to its elegant piazzas, jaw-dropping castles, natural hot springs, and dramatic mountain peaks, Slovakia has become an amazing up-and-coming bucket list destination that you do not want to miss.

If you are a lover for the outdoors, Slovakia will undoubtedly capture your heart. Housing the incredible Tatras mountain range that boasts unearthly beauty, stunning glacier lakes, and unexpecting wildlife (including chamois, marmot, lynx and bears), Slovakia has become one of our favourite hiking and cycling destinations in Europe. Other must-sees in Slovakia are the mountain hikes and waterfall trails of Slovka Paradise and the abundant greenery of Malá Fatra (which is essentially large karst made up of  crystalline rocks).

With Nine national parks, the charming Bratislava capital and Austro-Hungarian inspired villages and architecture; Slovakia is a country that just keeps on giving and will unquestionably leave you itching for more. 

Our Personal Travel Experts know Slovakia really well. If you want to find out more about their great cities or highlands walks, get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll tailor your perfect holiday.

Although Slovakia is beautiful all year round, the most popular time to visit is in the late Spring and summer (May-October).

As you'd expect, July and August are the busiest times to visit this stunning country (simply because the weather is at its best). 

However,  if you are looking for empty mountain trails and perfect cycling conditions, April-May and September-October are right for you. During these months, you will also have a better chance of seeing some incredible wildlife (including lynk and bears).

GoKo does not sell hiking or cycling tours during the winter months, simply because the weather is extremely cold and very snowy (even up until late April); making trail hikes very dangerous even for the experienced climber. Nonetheless, if you do have a high level of experience and have already completed a number of challenging mountain hikes, please contact us directly and we will discuss the possibility of a private itinerary. 

Please note, however, that the Tatra Mountains are essentially closed off from November to March because of the snow.

At the time of writing - UK, EU, Australian, New Zealand, Candian and US citizens do not need a visa for visits shorter than three months (however this may change due to the new COVID-19 regulations).

Visas are the responsibility of the individual and you should check with your embassy or foreign office for the most up to date information.

You most likely won't require any vaccinations before entering Slovakia (however, this does depend on the activities you will be doing). As such, it is very important to check with your GP before travelling. Your GP will be able to provide you with all up to date travel information in case this changes. 

Travel insurance is mandatory on all our trips. We also recommend that you carry a First Aid kit and hand sanitisers / antibacterial wipes as well as any personal medical requirements.

Please see "Essential tour information" on each specific trip for more detailed information regarding safety, travel, Insurance, flights and more.
Slovakia Facts

With an average summer temperature of 26C (78F) and an average winter temperature of -3C (26F), the best time to visit Slovakia is between May to the end of October. If you travel into Slovakia outside of May-October, rap up warm and expect to see snow covering the mountain trails.

Central European Summer Time (GMT +2)


Whether you're wanting to tweak one of our existing tours or looking to bespoke a unique package from the round up. Goko will tailor a holiday to fulfill your inner dreams!