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South America

Adventure Holidays & Tailor-Made Experiences

South America

Adventure Holidays & Tailor-Made Experiences

South America

Epic landscapes, ancient histories, vibrate wildlife and entrancing cultures - South America literally has it all

From the historic quarters of Buenos Aires and the buzzing beaches, soaring mountains and urban swag of Rio de Janeiro, to the colonial beauty and Caribbean charm of Cartagena and mind-blowing landscapes and pink-hue of the Atacama Desert; South America will truly blow you away.

Home to one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, the Andes, and the largest rainforest on the planet, the Amazon, South America acts as a gold-mine for unparalleled adventures and sends shivers down the spine of all ambitious explorers. 

Discover the great Machu Picchu, climb to the top of the grandiose Rainbow Mountains, race across Bolivia's bright white salt flats in a 4x4, snake your way from the dense  jungles of the Amazon, soak up the driest non-polar desert on earth or summit the colossal peaks of the patagonian mountains. 

Strap in, because South America will offer adventures of dramatic proportions.

Allow our Expert Travel team to handpick and curate your dream escape! If you want to find out more, get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll tailor your perfect holiday.

Expanding from Colombia and Venezuela in the north, to the southernmost tip of Chili and Argentina, South America’s population currently sits at around 429 million people. South America offers breathtaking natural diversity. From the Caribbean coasts and the Galapagos Islands, to the expansive Andes, the Amazon jungle and mind-boggling salt lakes, South America is a playground of diversity. The colder, mountainous conditions make it perfect for Alpacas and llamas (native to the Peruvian highlands) to survive, while the amazon allows for jaguars, sloths, river dolphins and endless monkey species to thrive in abundance.

The heritage and culture of South America draws on diverse cultural traditions from the continent of South America. These include the native cultures of the peoples that inhabited the continents prior to the arrival of the Europeans; European cultures, brought mainly by the Spanish, the Portuguese and the French; African cultures. Now South America is famed for its sensual tango and world-class wines, spectacular Carnaval festivities, and ancient ruins, traditions and civilisations that date back to the 15th century (nearly 500 years ago).

Famous for its steaks, rich wine cultures, Empanadas, and colonial influences, South American cuisine is extremely diverse. Although the staple of their diet is rice, beans, fruits and meats, South America has been heavily influenced by Native American, African, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Indian-South Asian recipes, meaning options are in abundance.



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