The Goko Difference

We aren't just a travel company, we are a movement!

Bridging the gap between luxury travel and sustainability, we are on a mission to change traveller habits forever! From expertly curated adventure experiences to handpicked villas, hotels and homes, you can relax knowing that a holiday with GoKo Travels is carbon neutralised as standard and aids in preserving biodiversity, conserving wildlife and supporting local communities around the world.

So who are we? We are team travel enthusiasts that care about the world we live in and are driven by making a real difference.

Carefully tailoring and vetting all of our holidays, we allow you to sustainably experience the very best that planet earth has to offer. From expertly curating adventure experiences to handpicking only the best villas, hotels and homes, a holiday with GoKo travels promises to be nothing short of exceptional.

What's more, our diligent team of travel managers and experts will help you create a bespoke itinerary from the ground up and ensure all your needs are met.

From cultural enriching adventures and immersive conservation projects to luxury eco-lodges and high-end getaways, our escapes aid in preserving biodiversity, conserving wildlife and empowering native communities.

Regardless of who you are or how you travel, it is now our humanitarian responsibility to explore the World with a conscious mind and with sustainability at the forefront.

George Game, Founder and Director
George Game - GoKo Founder
Night time campsite with sky full of stars

Why GoKo Travels?

  • Sustainability Guaranteed

    A holiday with GoKo Travels is carbon offset as standard and directly aids in preserving biodiversity, conserving wildlife and supporting local communities.

  • Local Experts

    When travelling with us, our fully qualified local guides, staff and leaders work with us to organise all logistics, meet international travel standards and endeavour to keep you safe.

  • Complete Flexibility

    Free date changes and cancellations up to 45 days before departure on the majority of our holidays and adventures.

  • Exceptional Support

    Experience exceptional expert support from start to finish with a designated travel manager and in-country team leader.

Adventure Holidays

From immersive summit climbs and high-end safari holidays, to volunteering opportunities and conservation projects, all our adventure experiences are designed to fuel human curiosities, explorations and desires.

Wherever possible, we only travel by foot, bike, kayak, horse or boat and only promote "off the beaten track" adventures that are best explored with the help and guidance from local leaders that are native to the lands.

Release the inner-adventurer within you, and together, we can make a difference!

Relax and Unwind

Our handpicked collection of villas, hotels and eco-stays, have been carefully selected so you can enjoy a guilt-free holiday while indulging in a dash of luxury. Each property has been vetted to meet our meticulous travel standards and strongly support our sustainability initiatives.

While our eco-stays put the planet first by using responsible designs and eco-technology, our accommodation-only getaways remain sustainable through the help of our carbon balancing and GoKo Earth Preservation Foundation initiatives.

Travelling in style has never been so rewarding.

Your Holiday – Our Responsibility

We only have one planet earth and the time to act is now!

With each new year that passes, the natural environments in which we travel too are becoming more fragile and scarce. Whatever the journey, our responsibility as travellers is to become more aware of our environmental impact, so we can mindfully minimise the result of our presence, protect what is essential and leave a positive footprint.

Creating authentic and sustainable holidays and itineraries is at the heart of what we do. By integrating these practices and ethos into all of our in-country operations - whether it's as simple as a hotel booking or a 3-week immersive adventure package - we aim to make the world a better place.

Meet Our Founder

Our story begins with George Game, who, after spending over 4 years travelling the world, set forth to build a service that not only provided high end holiday experiences, but positively impacted the world in the process.

George Game
Founder and Director

Meet the GoKo Team

Book with Confidence

  • Full Flexibility

    Free date changes and cancellations up to 45-days before departure on the majority of our holidays

  • Your Money is Safe

    Full financial Protection on all of our bookings so you can travel with piece of mind.

  • COVID-19 Commitment

    Full refund given if you have to cancel the trip due to any COVID-19 related issues or international restrictions.

  • Travelling Safely

    When you travel with us you can be confident that all of our holidays meet COVID-19 safety regulations.

Giving Back

As part of our commitment to preserving planet earth, we donate 3% of our profits to GoKo Travel's registered non-for-profit, "The GoKo Earth Preservation".

The GoKo Earth Preservation has been set up to protect and preserve the natural habitats of our planet and to conserve and enhance the biodiversity of threatened environments and endangered species around the globe. This is achieved through rewilding, reforestation and marine conservation projects, alongside local community support.

Rainforest canopy viewed from above with river in the centre

Securing A Rainforest Reserve

Support the purchase of our very own GoKo Rainforest reserve - preserving biodiversity and protecting endangered species in the world's most important habitat.

Giant sea turtle swimming under water

Assisting Marine Conservation

With your help, we can buy boats to support marine conservation; securing the future for our fragile oceans and the wonderful beings that inhabit them.

Jaguar big cat looking at the camera

Creating New National Parks

By helping with the creation of new parks, we can support local economies, empower native communities and put healthy landscapes into permanent protection.

Carbon Offsetting as Standard

Although all of our GoKo holidays promise to warm your hearts, we don’t want it to contribute to warming the planet.

For every trip booked with us, we support a 3-step carbon offset scheme to calculate and neutralise your holiday footprint, allowing you to travel conscious free. This covers every step of the journey where you travel with us, from international flights to hotel heating, transport, food and more.

The GoKo Carbon Offsetting scheme does not focus on just planting trees, but rather the purchasing, persevering and protecting standing forests from deforestation and degradation - helping revive forests back to full health and avoiding the release of stored carbon. This also enables the regeneration of degraded habitats, which gradually re-absorb atmospheric CO2.

Tailor Your Own Holiday

If you can’t find anything you like and would like to discuss a bespoke package from the ground up, get in touch with us today and one of our specialists can help you create your dream escape.

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