Badia di Pomaio, Tuscany


A former monastery dating back to the 17th century, Badia di Pomaio is now a sustainably run boutique hotel that has captured the perfect balance between regional tradition and luxurious modernity.

A former monastery dating back to the 17th century, Badia di Pomaio is now a sustainably run boutique hotel that has captured the perfect balance between regional tradition and luxurious modernity.

Fortified by an ancient forest - history and nature come together in harmony to provide its guests with ultimate tranquillity. Perched high on the mountainside, Badia di Pomaio boasts breathtaking views over the region’s gently rolling hills and the city of Arezzo, Tuscany. From every corner of the hotel, guests can bask in the stunning Tuscan views, which is especially unique from the heated infinity pool, which flaunts hillside seclusion like no other.

Thanks to the hard work of many local artisans, artists and producers, the sleek contemporary design of this hotel merge flawlessly with the exposed wood beams, its arched ceilings and its stunning brickwork. The hotel's decor, which includes handpicked antiques and decorative objects from all across Europe, gives it a feeling of refined opulence while maintaining an air of undiscovered mystery.

Within the property, a culinary garden grows bigger and richer every year and is the main source of most of the fresh vegetables and fruits the chef and his team use in the kitchen. Tucked away in a tranquil corner of the gardens, Badia di Pomaio’s goats, chickens and bees lead a happy and placid life in an in-house organic and sustainable farm.

Opulently appointed bedrooms, organically grown gourmet food, woodland walking trails and an infinity-edged swimming pool, a stay in Badia di Pomaio will provide you with an authentic Tuscany experience in a truly opulent environment.

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  • Set With A Remarkable 17th Century Monastery
  • Ten Minutes From The City Center of Arezzo
  • 14 Stunning Rooms & Suites
  • Incredible Organic Gardens
  • Organic & Fully Sustainable Farm
  • Infinity-Edged Swimming Pool With Widescreen Valley Views,


A seamless combination of simplicity, elegance and modernity where you can feel right at home and experience the profound energy of the monastery. The fourteen rooms and suites are individually designed and enriched with unique pieces of décor.


The freshest ingredients are at the heart in all of their recipes, which are inspired by the land and sourced locally - with many of them grown directly on the hotels vegetable garden and selected personally by the Executive chef.


The hotel's extensive grounds blend in with the surrounding forest, adding to its naturally ethereal ambiance. From the edge of our heated infinity pool, the lush countryside stretches as far as the eye can reach.


The beautiful heated infinity pool, nestled among the well-tended lawns, has breathtaking panoramic valley views. There's plenty of shade and heaps of lounging options for daytime napping or cocktail sipping.


The building was respectfully renovated using only natural materials and local craftsmen. Fruit and vegetables are grown in the tiered kitchen gardens and honey and olive oil are produced on site. Low-consumption LED lighting is used throughout the hotel and grounds and plastic straws have been banished from the bar.

A Little Extra:

Whether you wish to host an intimate gathering or dream of tying the knot in the untamed Tuscan countryside, the experienced staff of Badia di Pomaio is here to take care of you. All events can be tailored to fit your needs - so all you have to do is ask.

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Thriving countrysides, roads lined by sunflowers, stunning valleys, picturesque towns and cobblestoned alleys, Tuscany is a place of dreams. Badia di Pomaio is only ten minutes from the city center of Arezzo, which allows for quick access to all that the location has to offer.

Without a doubt, Arezzo is one of Italy's best-kept secrets. A hidden treasure nestled in green mountains and blossoming valleys with easy access to more well-known destinations in Tuscany. Even in the summer, very few tourists pack its narrow medieval streets. Those who do, though, get the opportunity to meet real Tuscan people and experience a taste of the everyday Tuscan life.

If you visit in June and September you'll get the chance to witness it iconic Giostra del Saracino festival.

Junior Suite Triple:

Spacious, bright and luminous Junior Suites with armchairs and sofa (or large extra bed on request): the rooms have a beautiful view of the olive groves or the woods that surround the property.

Every room is decorated differently with design objects, handmade plates, vases, trunks and antiques that give each of them a different flavour.

36-40 m2


1x King or Twin Bed With Orthopaedic Mattress + 1x Large Sofa or Single Bed


Olive Grove or Wood Views


Maximum of 3 Guests


En-Suite Bathroom With Handcrafted Stone Shower With Tainfall Head ( Some rooms include bathtub)

Superior With View:

These bright and airy rooms feature panoramic views of the valley, Chianti hills, and Arezzo's city center.

The view can be appreciated from every part of room, even from the shower or from the walk-in closet.

The furniture is elegant and sophisticated in design. The basic forms follow the shape and volume of the space in a display of chic minimalism. These lovely rooms are complemented with handcrafted and antique objects.

27-30 m²


1x King Bed With Orthopaedic Mattress


Spectacular Views Of The Chianti Hills & The City Of Arezzo.


Maximum of 2 Guests


En-Suite Bathroom With Handcrafted Stone Shower


Each Superior room is distinctive from the others, owing to the building's antiquity. The rooms feature handcrafted furniture, open-space wardrobes and carved stone sinks.

Armchairs and sofas provide guests a pleasant location from which to enjoy the countryside or forest views.

27-34 m²


1x King Bed With Orthopaedic Mattress


Olive Grove or Wood Views


Maximum of 2 Guests


En-Suite Bathroom With Handcrafted Stone Shower

Standard With View

Thanks to its three windows, guests may enjoy the panoramic view of the sprawling valley below and Chianti hills beyond.

Handpicked metal vases and lamps complement the wooden furniture.

21 m²


1x King Bed With Orthopaedic Mattress


Stunning Views Of The Sprawling Valley & Of The Chianti Hills From Every Corner Of The Room.


Maximum of 2 Guests


En-Suite Bathroom With Handcrafted Stone Shower

Standard Dependance / Farmhouse

Just a few steps away from the main building, guest can find the charming Standard Rooms located in the stunning 17th century Farmhouse

The artisan, handmade concrete floor and shower create a nice contrast between the ancient building and its contemporary design.

21 m²


1x King Bed With Orthopaedic Mattress


Gorgeous Courtyard Views


Maximum of 2 Guests


En-Suite Bathroom With Stone Shower

Fine Dining:

Where traditions allow contemporary inspirations. The restaurant at Badia di Pomaio delights their visitors with a constantly evolving menus and advancing tastes and aromas.

The freshest ingredients are at the heart in all of their recipes, which are inspired by the land and sourced locally - with many of them grown directly on the hotels vegetable garden and selected personally by the Executive chef.

Terrace: Nestled against the side of the building and caressed lovingly by the blooming garden, the terrace is the ideal for people who wish to be surrounded by nature at all times. Your light lunches and delectable dinners will come with a lovely view of the forest and Chianti hills as a spectacular backdrop.

Bar Serra: Beneath Bar Serra's glass ceiling, guests converse and share an aperitif with their family and friends. Everything in this area was created to provide visitors with the most pleasant of experiences. This is the perfect spot to unwind and kick back after a day spent exploring Tuscany.

Wine Cellar: The in-house sommelier, Mario Giunti, carefully selected wines that represent Italy, with a particular attention towards Tuscany, in an endeavour to bring to you the best products of the commitment of our winemakers. Boasting a selection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, together with mouthwatering dishes, dining at Badia di Pomaio will take you on an extraordinary vivid gastronomic journey through the history of Tuscan cuisine.

Wine Tasting In Tuscany

A tour through the tastes of Tuscan wine. Wine tasting excursions are certainly one of Tuscany's greatest attractions. The wine production varies significantly from region to region, resulting in a wide range of tastes and aromas. As a result, Tuscany is recognised for having wines to suit all tastes. Nonetheless, you really can’t call yourself a “wine-lover”, you can still enjoy the view of the endless vineyards and the good food.

Italy's beautiful scenery, fertile soil, and the dedication of her winemakers are the key to the countries renowned wines. For the hotel wine cellar, they have selected the best of Italy’s and Tuscany’s labels. Some of them came from world-renowned wineries, others from small, local producers.

Tours include:

  • Tasting local and regional wines
  • Learning about the Mystery of wine pairing
  • Learning about the process behind natural, biodynamic and organic wines

Cooking Classes:

Why are Italian cooking classes so popular? It's not just about good food and the proper atmosphere: food is the heart of Italian culture; more than anything, it symbolises their way of life. Traditional recipes have withstood the test of time and evolution, and have never lost their spirit. To grasp Italian culture, you must first understand fundamental role that food and conviviality play in it.

Here you can join the Executive Chef for one of his Italian Cooking Classes.

Learn to make fresh pasta and sauces using only the finest local produce. Take a seat beneath the shaded Terrace at the end of your Italian Cooking Class and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a glass of excellent wine

Bio Vegetable Garden:

There is no food that is more nutritious or delectable than the one we produce ourselves. The hotels' bio garden is the source of most of the fresh vegetables and fruits utilised by the chef and his team in the kitchen, which grows larger and richer every year. Thanks to the olive grove, Badia di Pomaio also produces their own Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

There is nothing better or more traditionally Italian than a plate of handmade pasta and a sauce made with tomatoes, basil and olive oil grown and produced in an Italians own bio garden.

During your stay you can also grab a basket and take a leisure stroll through the bio garden, either alone or in the company of the in-house Chef. You can choose the vegetables and aromatic herbs you like the most to compose your dream dish. You will be amazed by the flavours and scents the Chef and his team can create with just the right combination of elements. If you wish, you can follow up with a lesson with the Chef on how to prepare and cook your harvest.

Farm Experience:

The bio farm is one of Badia di Pomaio's latest - and most distinctive - initiatives, complementing the estate's already environmentally beneficial nature. It was designed with two main objectives in mind: to give the farm animals a better chance at life and to offer fresh milk and free-range eggs for the kitchen. They may travel and explore freely in the bio farm, which is a safe haven from harm. They are not produced for the dinner table; rather, they are cherished pets.

You will not only make new and beloved friends by interacting with the animals in the bio farm, but you will also acquire all you need to know about their requirements and routine. You can also prepare their food, feed them and change the hay.

Afterwards, try your hand at goat milking or take part in the preparation of our fresh cheese.

Bike Tours:

With a bike tour, you can discover the enchantment of Tuscany's countryside! Allow the magnificent cultural and natural riches of this corner of Tuscany to captivate you.

Take advantage of the many trails that surround the hotel: some are quite hard, while others are easy and relaxing. You can explore the uncontaminated nature of the mountain or reach the city of Arezzo for a more soothing ride. If you would like a more in depth exploration of the surrounding areas, we would be happy to organise a bike tour with an expert guide.

During your stay you can choose from:

  • E Bikes:
  • Mountain Bikes.
  • Gravel bikes:
  • Downhill rice
  • Tuscan retro bike

Please contact us for more information about the different cycling routes.

Visit The Beehives:

The hotel itself, produces honey two or three times a year, all with different flavours. Hidden by vegetation and cocooned in the comforting sounds of nature, Badia di Pomaio's bees work diligently to produce the delicious bio-honey that everyone loves to sample.

Badia di Pomaio is deeply aware of the environmental importance of bees and is proud to do its part in safeguarding their habitats.

Come pay a visit to these incredible beehives and discover the fascinating organisation of bee life and the secrets of apiculture!

Truffle Hunting:

Truffles have been hunted in Tuscany for centuries, dating back to the Ancient Romans (who credited truffles with aphrodisiac qualities). Truffles are a luxury, delicious fruit that is worth all of the hard work it takes to discover them. The hunt for truffles keeps the truly dedicated occupied almost all year round. From January to March, they search for the dark winter truffle. In March and April, it’s time for the tan truffle, while from June to November it’s the turn of the summer truffle. The prized white truffle can be found almost exclusively in September.

Follow expert truffle hunters into their sacred hunting grounds and learn all there is to know about truffles. At the end of the day, you'll have not only learnt something new about truffles and their many applications in the kitchen, but also about your connection with nature and other species living on this planet with us.

Cocktail Classes:

Learn how to mix incredible drinks like a pro! You'll be able to impress and astonish all of your friends when you return home with your new skills.

Gin Tasting Masterclass: Take a journey through time to learn more about one of the world's most famous liqueurs, including its origins, history, and mysteries.

In this tasting, you will try three varieties of Premium Gin, originating from different Gin distilleries.

Cocktail class and tasting: Stroll through the biological garden and pick the fresh products that most catch your eye. Once you've chosen the ingredients, the sommelier will show you how to combine fragrant herbs and seasonal fruits with a variety of alcohols and liqueurs. You'll learn the secrets of a great drink's balance, as well as how to create one.

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At the time of writing, you do not need a Visa to visit Italy if you are from the UK or US for less than 90 days. However, please check the full guidelines on the embassy website before you travel. For UK citizens this is the Foreign Travel Advice section of

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance is an important part of any booking. We recommend everyone who travels with us has taken out adequate travel insurance which includes cover for the full value of your holiday with us.

If you would like to obtain cover for your trip please feel free to contact specialist Insurance Brokers, Campbell Irvine Direct for a quote. GoKo Travels is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority .

Click here to apply for travel insurance ONLINE


Please click here to learn more about what we do to keep you safe while on a GoKo run tour.

For more up to date information regarding the current travel restrictions within Italy, please click here

Additionally, you can email: and a GoKo Travel Manager will get back to you as soon as possible with all the relevant information.

Travel With Confidence:

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the safety and wellbeing of all of our travellers, leaders, suppliers and staff remains our top priority. Not only have we updated our booking policies so you can flexibly amend booking arrangements before departure and get the most out of your holidays while away, we have also introduced new measures and safety guidelines so you can travel with GoKo Travels safely and securely.

What does this new booking policy mean for me?:

Fully Flexible bookings for peace of mind - We understand that sometimes plans change. That’s why GoKo Travels have updated our booking policies, so you now have full flexibility to change your travel plans if needed.

Our flexible booking policy includes:

(a) Free date changes up to 45days prior to departure - with no interest or added fees

(b) Full refund giving if you have to cancel the trip due to any COVID-19 related issues or international restrictions.

(c) You can now lock in your trip with a small refundable deposit and then pay the rest in instalments whenever you like, with no interest or fees.

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Giving Back

As part of our commitment to preserving planet earth, we donate 3% of our profits to GoKo Travel's registered non-for-profit, "The GoKo Earth Preservation".

The GoKo Earth Preservation has been set up to protect and preserve the natural habitats of our planet and to conserve and enhance the biodiversity of threatened environments and endangered species around the globe. This is achieved through rewilding, reforestation and marine conservation projects, alongside local community support.

Rainforest canopy viewed from above with river in the centre

Securing A Rainforest Reserve

Support the purchase of our very own GoKo Rainforest reserve - preserving biodiversity and protecting endangered species in the world's most important habitat.

Giant sea turtle swimming under water

Assisting Marine Conservation

With your help, we can buy boats to support marine conservation; securing the future for our fragile oceans and the wonderful beings that inhabit them.

Jaguar big cat looking at the camera

Creating New National Parks

By helping with the creation of new parks, we can support local economies, empower native communities and put healthy landscapes into permanent protection.

Looking to Carbon Offset?

Although all of our GoKo holidays promise to warm your hearts, we don’t want it to contribute to warming the planet.

Upon request, we can help you go Carbon Neutral. Thanks for our contacts, we can support a 3-step carbon offset scheme to calculate and neutralise your holiday footprint, allowing you to travel conscious free. This covers every step of the journey where you travel with us, from international flights to hotel heating, transport, food and more.

If requested, the GoKo Carbon Offsetting scheme does not focus on just planting trees, but rather the purchasing, persevering and protecting standing forests from deforestation and degradation - helping revive forests back to full health and avoiding the release of stored carbon. This also enables the regeneration of degraded habitats, which gradually re-absorb atmospheric CO2.

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