Responsible Travel

Our long-term mission is to make tourism industry more mindful and encourage all holidaymakers to travel sustainability every time. We aim to help re-mould an industry for the long-term benefit of local people, the environment, wildlife and travellers alike. We are committed to sustainable tourism and protecting and preserving biodiversity, conserving wildlife and empowering native communities.

The entire premise of GoKo Travels is to offer value driven adventure tours and tailor-made experiences that directly and responsibly help increase avenues for conservation and lower environmental impact by minimalizing the negative impacts tourism can have on local communities, environments and cultures.

We take our responsibilities to the environment, local communities, customers, partners and employees very seriously, therefore, we promise to only work with guides, companies and vendors who share the same values.

While there is no global accreditation scheme for responsible tourism and environmental travel, it is up to everyone within the industry to be conscientious individuals. As such, GoKo Travels attempts to make it easier by building responsible travel fundamentals into each and every one of our trips. We do this by carbon offsetting all of our holidays, as well as donating a percentage of our annual profits to a number of charity organisations around the world.

Our Style of Travel Involves

  • True, authentic travel experiences that promotes cross-cultural understanding, respect and education.
  • Wherever possible, we only travel by foot, bike, kayak, horse or boat and only promote "off the beaten track" adventures that are best explored with the help and guidance from local leaders that are native to the lands.
  • When other forms of travel are necessary, we aim to use local public transport wherever possible.
  • Supporting the use of sustainable accommodation options and eco-lodges.
  • Buying locally produced food and drink from small-scale businesses and local communities when possible.
  • Spreading the economic benefits of travel by partnering with a wider range of local suppliers and supporting incredible charity organisations.
  • Avoiding the exploitation of the vulnerable – including (but not limited to) - women, children and endangered species.

Book with Confidence

  • Full Flexibility

    Free date changes and cancellations up to 45-days before departure on the majority of our holidays

  • Your Money is Safe

    Full financial Protection on all of our bookings so you can travel with piece of mind.

  • COVID-19 Commitment

    Full refund given if you have to cancel the trip due to any COVID-19 related issues or international restrictions.

  • Travelling Safely

    When you travel with us you can be confident that all of our holidays meet COVID-19 safety regulations.

Economic Responsibility

  • All our guides and accommodation providers are local to the area. Therefore, we prioritise the sale of sustainable hotels, ecolodges and local accommodation providers; local restaurants that use local products and/or homegrown food; and local/public transportation services that will directly put revenues back into the economy.
  • For all activities, we do not import foreign guides or instructors. Instead, we intentionally use local guides and instructors who have obtained the relevant qualifications in their country of residence.
  • By working with local partners who hire local people that are passionate about their country and the activities provided, we can ensure a high-quality service time and time again.
  • We encourage our travellers to purchase from local suppliers and use local service providers, as well as supporting social enterprises, local trade, locally produced goods etc.
  • We issue each of our suppliers with our “Code of Conduct” to influence our supply chain to operate in a more sustainable way.
  • We do not engage in any form of bribery, corruption or fraudulent activities.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Our list of activities mainly includes those which have a minimum impact on the environment, such as walking, rafting, camping, cycling, eco-stays etc.
  • We respect and support local conservation projects by following local guidelines and ensuring our clients are made aware of any specific guidelines that may affect them.
  • We make sure that all our guides are fully trained in environmental sustainability and will educate our clients about the habitat during specific types of activities. E.g., minimise waste pollution and encourage recycling and the reuse of materials
  • We don’t print brochures and keep paper use to a minimum in the office preferring electronic distribution as our main means of communication with clients.
  • We do our best to minimise pollution through carbon offsetting all of our trips/tours sold.
  • We minimise our business travel and use alterative sustainable options.

Our Relationship with Our Partners

We make sure our local partners match our vision and positively promote responsible tourism (social, environmental and economic) in each one of your tours/holidays. As such, the partners we work alongside must always be transparent in their policies for responsible tourism at a company level and on a trip-by-trip basis. We have a strong commitment in preserving the environment, supporting local communities, protecting the vulnerable and giving back to the places we travel. All our trip leaders, suppliers and staff are trained on these principles, and are core to us delivering sustainable, experience-rich travel.

Carbon Offsetting as Standard

Although all of our GoKo holidays promise to warm your hearts, we don’t want it to contribute to warming the planet.

For every trip booked with us, we support a 3-step carbon offset scheme to calculate and neutralise your holiday footprint, allowing you to travel conscious free, for no added cost. This covers every step of the journey where you travel with us, from international flights to hotel heating, transport, food and more.

The GoKo Carbon Offsetting scheme does not focus on just planting trees, but rather the purchasing, persevering and protecting standing forests from deforestation and degradation - helping revive forests back to full health and avoiding the release of stored carbon. This also enables the regeneration of degraded habitats, which gradually re-absorb atmospheric CO2.

Night time campsite with sky full of stars

Why GoKo Travels?

  • Sustainability Guaranteed

    A holiday with GoKo Travels is carbon offset as standard and directly aids in preserving biodiversity, conserving wildlife and supporting local communities.

  • Local Experts

    When travelling with us, our fully qualified local guides, staff and leaders work with us to organise all logistics, meet international travel standards and endeavour to keep you safe.

  • Complete Flexibility

    Free date changes and cancellations up to 45 days before departure on the majority of our holidays and adventures.

  • Exceptional Support

    Experience exceptional expert support from start to finish with a designated travel manager and in-country team leader.