Classic Vietnam: A Luxury Twist

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Embark on a captivating 15-day journey through Vietnam's heart and soul with our Classic Vietnam itinerary.

Embark on a captivating 13-day journey through Vietnam's heart and soul with our Classic Vietnam itinerary.

Discover the vibrant streets of Hanoi before cruising through the stunning Ha Long Bay. Immerse yourself in the regal history of Hue and wander the lantern-lit lanes of Hoi An. Experience the dynamic energy of Ho Chi Minh City, visiting iconic landmarks and exploring the legendary Cu Chi Tunnels.

Throughout the itinerary, enjoy the comforts of 4-5 accommodations and curated activities, with leisurely days to relax and savor the beauty of each destination. This thoughtfully crafted itinerary invites you to unlock the secrets of Vietnam, forging connections with its people and creating cherished memories.

Let the magic of Vietnam unfold before you as you embark on this extraordinary adventure, delving deep into its rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes.


Day 1

Arrival in Hanoi - A Glimpse of the Capital

As you step off the plane at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, you feel the anticipation building. The bustling airport buzzes with travelers from all corners of the globe. Your guide warmly welcomes you and escorts you to a waiting luxury vehicle.

As you drive through the vibrant streets of Hanoi, your senses come alive with the sights, sounds, and scents of the city. The busy traffic weaves seamlessly, and you catch glimpses of grand colonial buildings, charming pagodas, and bustling street markets.

Finally, you arrive at your 4-5 hotel, an oasis of tranquility amidst the city's energy. You settle in and take a moment to soak in the ambiance, excited for the adventures that lie ahead.

Day 2

Hanoi City Tour - A Journey Through Time:

After a hearty breakfast, your guide arrives, eager to show you the wonders of Hanoi. The bustling streets of the Old Quarter beckon, as you climb aboard a cyclo, immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere. The charming lanes reveal hidden treasures, from aromatic food stalls to colorful silk shops.

Then, pay a visit to Hoa Lo Prison, the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” where captured American soldiers and airmen were incarcerated during the Vietnam War. In the afternoon, you will walk in the footsteps of Ho Chi Minh complex. Visit the Stilt House, where the iconic leader once lived and worked, alongside the One Pillar Pagoda. Standing tall, its unique structure and spiritual significance leaving you in awe.

The day culminates in a mesmerising water puppet show, a centuries-old art form that brings folklore and legends to life, leaving you with a deep appreciation for Vietnamese culture.

Day 3

Ha Long Bay Cruise - Sailing through Paradise

As the sun rises over Hanoi, you embark on a journey to Ha Long Bay, a place of otherworldly beauty. The scenic drive reveals the lush Vietnamese countryside, with rice fields stretching to the horizon.

Upon reaching the harbor, you step aboard a luxurious cruise ship, your home for the next 24 hours. The ship sets sail, and you enter a realm of natural wonder.

Towering limestone karsts emerge from the emerald waters, creating a surreal landscape that feels like a dream. As you indulge in a sumptuous seafood lunch, you can't help but marvel at the flavors and the breathtaking views that surround you. Exploring the hidden caves and islands, you feel a sense of adventure and serenity. Whether kayaking through secluded lagoons or lounging on the sundeck, time seems to stand still in this ethereal paradise.

As the day fades into night, the sunset paints the sky with hues of pink and orange, a magical backdrop for a memorable dinner on board the ship.

Sena Cruise - Deluxe - - or similar

Day 4

Ha Long Bay - Hanoi - Hue - A Multifaceted Journey

As dawn breaks over Ha Long Bay, you awaken to the gentle rocking of the ship. The morning air is crisp, and you join a Tai Chi session on the sundeck, harmonizing your body and mind amidst the tranquility of the bay.

After breakfast, you bid farewell to Ha Long Bay, cherishing the memories of its beauty.

Back in Hanoi, you board a short flight to Hue, a city steeped in imperial history. The contrast between the ancient capital and the modern metropolis of Hanoi captivates you. As you land in Hue, you are greeted by the warmth of the city and its people. A short transfer brings you to your 4-5 hotel, where you settle in and take a moment to appreciate the serenity that surrounds you.

The day ends with a quiet reflection on the rich tapestry of Vietnam's past and the anticipation of what lies ahead in the imperial city of Hue.

Day 5

Hue City Tour - Reliving Royal Grandeur

The day dawns with a sense of excitement as you embark on a journey through the imperial capital of Hue. The gates of the Imperial Citadel stand tall, guarding the secrets of the Nguyen Emperors. As you step inside, you are transported back in time, exploring the palaces, pavilions, and gardens that once housed the royal court. The intricate details of the architecture and the stories whispered by the walls leave you in awe.

Your exploration continues with visits to the tombs of Minh Mang and Khai Dinh, where the emperors rest in grandeur. The tranquil Perfume River beckons, and you embark on a boat trip to the iconic Thien Mu Pagoda. Standing atop the hill, the pagoda offers a panoramic view of the river and the city, a moment of serenity amidst the grandeur.

The evening brings a royal dinner, a feast fit for kings, as you savor the delicate flavors and cultural significance of Hue's renowned cuisine.

Day 6

Hue - Hoi An - A Scenic Journey:

Leaving Hue behind, you embark on a picturesque journey along the legendary Hai Van Pass. The winding road offers breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and verdant mountains, a feast for the eyes. The journey is punctuated by a stop at the Cham Museum in Da Nang, where you marvel at the ancient sculptures and artifacts that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Cham civilization.

Continuing your journey, you arrive in Hoi An, a town frozen in time, adorned with lanterns and steeped in history. Your 4-5 hotel welcomes you with open arms, and you take a moment to appreciate the unique charm of Hoi An.

As the sun sets, you venture into the ancient town, where history unfolds with each step. The Japanese Covered Bridge beckons, and you cross its ornate arches, transported to a different era. The Phuc Kien Assembly Hall reveals its secrets, its intricate details reflecting the fusion of cultures. The lively riverside market invites you to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, bargaining for souvenirs and sampling local street food.

The day ends with a sense of enchantment, as you realize that Hoi An holds the key to Vietnam's cultural heritage.

Day 7

Hoi An Ancient Town - A Journey Through Tradition

The day begins with a gentle breeze as you hop on a bicycle and pedal your way to Tra Que Village. The peaceful countryside welcomes you, and you witness the everyday lives of the local farmers.

With your hands in the soil, you participate in the age-old tradition of cultivating herbs and vegetables, immersing yourself in the rhythm of rural life. The aroma of fresh herbs fills the air, and you delight in the flavours of a traditional meal prepared by the villagers.

As you return to Hoi An, the ancient town reveals new surprises. The streets are adorned with vibrant lanterns, their glow reflecting on the calm waters of the Thu Bon River. You explore the hidden alleyways, discovering hidden tailor shops, art galleries, and charming cafes.

The day concludes with a sense of connection to the traditions and craftsmanship that make Hoi An a UNESCO-listed gem.

Day 8

Hoi An - Time for Leisure and Reflection

Today is a day of leisure and reflection in Hoi An. After days of exploring and immersing yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Vietnam, you deserve a moment of respite.

You wake up to the sound of gentle waves and the warmth of the sun's embrace. The day stretches before you, inviting you to embrace the slow rhythm of Hoi An. You may choose to relax by the poolside of your hotel, sipping on a refreshing drink and basking in the tranquility.

Alternatively, you can venture out to the nearby Cua Dai or An Bang Beach, where the turquoise waters and pristine sands provide the perfect setting for relaxation.

Day 9

Hoi An - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - A Tale of Contrasts

Today marks the transition from the tranquil charms of Hoi An to the vibrant energy of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. You bid farewell to Hoi An, leaving behind the lantern-lit streets and the echoes of the past.

As you board a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, you feel a mixture of excitement and curiosity. The city greets you with a bustling atmosphere, skyscrapers towering above, and a flurry of motorbikes darting through the streets.

You check into your 4-5 hotel, situated in the heart of the city, and marvel at the vibrant pulse that surrounds you. With the afternoon at your disposal, you venture out to explore the city's highlights. From the historic landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office to the vibrant Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City offers a blend of history, culture, and modernity.

The day comes to a close with a delectable dinner, where you savor the flavors of Southern Vietnamese cuisine, tantalizing your taste buds with a fusion of aromatic herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients.

Day 10

Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho (The Mekong Delta):

This morning head out on a day trip to explore the Mekong Delta.

Upon arrvial, you will board a private boat to Ben Tre to visit the coconut gardens and stop at a local home to sample tropical fruits and coconut jams. Afterwards, paddle in sampans (small rowing boats) past coconut trees along the Mekong Delta. Take a tuk-tuk tour around the villages and learn about rural life and the industry created around coconut products like brooms and coconut fibre mats.

Eat lunch at a restaurant in the heart of the Delta, sampling regional specialties such as the famous elephant ear fish. Cruise the major waterways to Ben Tre boat pier, and proceed to Can Tho.

The evening is yours to explore at your own leisure.

Day 11

Mekong - Discovering the Delta

Today, you embark on a journey along the Mekong Delta, visiting the famous floating market.

06.00 AM. We will pick up you at your hotel to prepare for Mekong Rustic boat trip. We will visit Cai Rang – the biggest whole sales floating market where you can buy some fresh tropical fruits on the local seller’s boats and engage in the conversation with them.

During your trip to Cai Rang, you can experience the local daily life of people in Mekong Delta though the beautiful tiny canal by small wooden boats and then learn how to make the noodles in Vietnamese traditional.

In the evening, it's time to head back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Day 12

Ho Chi Minh City: Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels and Cultural Delights

Today, you delve deeper into the history of Vietnam as you embark on a journey to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Located just outside Ho Chi Minh City, these intricate underground tunnels served as a strategic base during the Vietnam War. As you crawl through the narrow passages, you gain a profound appreciation for the resilience and resourcefulness of the Vietnamese people. The stories shared by your guide paint a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs faced by those who lived in these tunnels.

After resurfacing, you return to the city, where a feast of flavours awaits. The vibrant streets of District 1 beckon, and you indulge in a culinary adventure, sampling delicious street food and exploring the bustling local eateries. From fragrant pho and crispy banh xeo to savory com tam and refreshing sugar cane juice, each bite reveals a new layer of Vietnamese gastronomy.

The evening presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's nightlife, with its lively bars, rooftop lounges, and vibrant music scenes. Whether you choose to dance the night away or simply savor a nightcap while soaking in the city lights, Ho Chi Minh City offers a myriad of experiences to suit every taste.

Day 13

Departure from Ho Chi Minh City - Farewell, Vietnam

As your 13-day adventure in Vietnam comes to a close, it's time to bid farewell to the enchanting country that has captured your heart.

You enjoy a leisurely breakfast, savoring the last tastes of Vietnamese cuisine before checking out of your hotel.

With memories etched in your mind and a heart filled with gratitude, you are driven to the airport, where your departure marks the end of this chapter of your journey.



  • Private Guide & Tour Leader
  • Private Driver & All transfers included
  • Domestic Flights
  • All Meals Mentioned in Itinerary
  • VAT & Taxes
  • Guided city tour of Hanoi
  • 2-days /1-night Ha Long bay Cruise
  • Imperial city of Hue, including visits to historic palaces and ancient tombs
  • Walk Hoi An's enchanting old town
  • Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office
  • War Remnants Museum
  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Immersive journey through the Mekong Delta, exploring its lush landscapes, floating markets, and local villages.
  • Street food tour


  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for Guides
  • Any visas required (Please bring one photo-passport)
  • Services not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Late check out at hotels
  • Expenditure of personal nature
  • Optional activities

Essential Information


If entering Vietnam by air, most nationalities will be granted a 30-day stay on arrival without needing a visa.

If you have a UK or US passport, you do not need a visa to enter Vietnam. You can stay for up to 30 days if arriving by air or up to 15 days if arriving by land.

This is referred to as a visa exemption. Upon arrival, you may be required to present your return ticket and complete a landing card.

If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you must apply for a visa before traveling to Vietnam. It's important to avoid overstaying, as doing so may result in fines or detention. Double-check your departure date to ensure compliance. Please note that visa extensions can be obtained in Vietnam at any immigration office for a fee. We recommend verifying the latest entry requirements by consulting your national foreign travel office. For UK citizens, this information can be found in the Foreign Travel Advice section of

If you intend to enter Vietnam multiple times via land borders during your travels, it is advisable to obtain a multiple entry visa from your embassy or consulate before you travel. This is preferable to attempting to obtain a visa at the border on multiple occasions, as it may lead to being denied re-entry into the country.

For the most up-to-date information on visa requirements, we suggest contacting the Vietnamese embassy in your country. You can find more information at

Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is compulsory in order to participate in any of our trips. When travelling on a group trip, you will not be permitted to join the group until evidence of travel insurance has been sighted by your Tour leader/ local representative, who will take note of your insurance details and emergency contact number. We strongly recommend that the policy also covers personal liability of luggage, cancellation, curtailment and loss and personal effects, alongside covid-19 cover.

If you would like to obtain cover for your trip please feel free to contact specialist Insurance Brokers, Campbell Irvine Direct for a quote. GoKo Travels is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority .

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  1. For more up to date information regarding the current travel restrictions within Cambodia, please click here

Addtionally, you can email: and a GoKo Travel Manager will get back to you as soon possible with all the relevant information.

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Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the safety and wellbeing of all of our travellers, leaders, suppliers and staff remains our top priority. Not only have we updated our booking policies so you can flexibly amend booking arrangements before departure and get the most out of your holidays while away, we have also introduced new measures and safety guidelines so you can travel with GoKo Travels safely and securely.

What does this new booking policy mean for me?:

Fully Flexible bookings for peace of mind - We understand that sometimes plans change. That’s why GoKo Travels have updated our booking policies, so you now have full flexibility to change your travel plans if needed.

Our flexible booking policy includes:

(a) Free date changes up to 45days prior to departure - with no interest or added fees

(b) Full refund giving if you have to cancel the trip due to any COVID-19 related issues or international restrictions.

(c) You can now lock in your trip with a small refundable deposit and then pay the rest in instalments whenever you like, with no interest or fees.

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