Why not visit Nepal? All the tips, tricks and best bits.

Jan 20, 2019

Nepal, the Himalayan Kingdom. Home to the great Mount Everest and it fellow Himalayan brothers, Nepal hosts some the most challenging trekking in the world. Often described as “India’s cousin”, Nepal couldn’t be more different. 

Yes, on the service Nepal looks much the same, however, unlike India, Nepal is kind, forgiving and certainly less dramatic (apart from the traffic). 

Despite Nepal’s run of bad luck in the past, with both earthquakes and political struggle, Nepal is finally beginning to get itself back on its feet. 

Home to a diverse group of trekkers, hippies and western Buddhists seeking live behind the walls of a monastery, Nepal is spiritually captivating. 

Being the home of the Buddha, Nepal offers a fantastic chance to indulge yourself in the Buddhist culture and experience the incredibly hospitable smiles of the laid-back locals. 


 रु2696.73- रु4045.10 INR

(£20-£30 GBP /$26-$40 USD per day!)


Rupee (NPR)

 रु 1348.37 NPR 

£10.00 GBP

$13.00 USD


Boosters advised for:

> Diphtheria

Hepatitis A



Main Religions

> * Hinduism

> * Buddhism

Events & Festivals:

February/March – Holi. Coloured powder and water are thrown during this Hindu ‘Festival of Colours’.

September/October – Dasain. The biggest festival of the year.


1. Home to the magnificent Himalayan range, including the great Mount Everest, you MUST do a trekking tour while you are in Nepal.

All equipment and permits can be bought on arrival and hiring a guild in person is cheaper than booking online.

Please.. NEVER trek alone. There have been numerous disappearances of solo trekkers in recent years.

2. Watch out for strikes. Nepal is notorious for its politic instability, and although they have seen a massive improvement in recent years, strikes happen far too often (called “Bandhs”). During the strikes, all public transport stops for the whole day, which can really mess up your schedule. Keep this in mind when booking buses between cities….you don’t want to miss a flight

3.  Avoid water that is not bottled or boiled. Avoid raw vegetables, salads and pre-cut fruit as much as possible, they will give you a bad stomach.

If you have just come from India, you will be fine.

4. Buy a face mask. Cities in Nepal are horrendously polluted and dusty, which can really affect your sinuses. A white t-shirt will soon turn a shade of brown after a days tour in Kathmandu, so god knows what your nose looks like. 

No, you’re not going to win a fashion prize but a face mask can really help stop you getting sick, prevent a blocked nose and a bad throat or cough.

5. BUY INSURANCE. You need insurance for any serious trek while in Nepal and a single trip to a hospital or doctor is annoyingly expensive. Don’t be stupid…MAKE SURE YOU’RE

6. Try to avoid giving money to beggars in urban areas. While it’s heartbreaking to see, by giving money you can contribute to the problem as many are kidnapped, abused and exploited by organised crime gang who force them to beg for them. If you wish to help them, give them food only.

7.  Respect the locals and their religions. Woman should always cover their knees and shoulders while in major cities.

8. Be careful with Beef. Due to cultural/religious reasons, cows are worshipped in Nepal, therefore it is Illegal to kill them. This means if the cow is on the menu, it is more than likely imported from another country or from an obscure region.

Stick to Buffalo or chicken, you can’t go wrong.

9. You can buy your visa on arrival at Kathmandu airport. However, make sure you have the cashto pay. They sometimes do not accept card payments and they are notorious for not giving back the correct change, so double check. If you do pay via card, always ask for a receipt .

10. Most locals are incredibly passive and friendly. However always respect the religion and culture of the area you’re in. There may be multiple different religions in one area, so be aware of the social taboos of each one.

Basically, don’t be a d***.

11. Nepal is a country of spice, cows and most importantly bartering. To most shopkeepers, it’s a game and so it should be. It’s okay to be forceful but never get too serious or aggressive. Bartering down to 50% of the original price isn’t unheard of, so have fun.

12. Taxi drivers are notoriously reluctant to use their meter, as they see you as a walking ATM. Be defiant and stand your ground, they will try and overcharge you! 

If they refuse the meter…get out and find another

13. You are more than likely to be asked at least 5 times a day to buy Marijuana by the locals. Please be careful who you buy it off…there is a popular scam which involves the police. 

Click here to read more about common travel scams…..

14. Make sure you change up all your money when leaving Nepal. It is illegal to leave Nepal with the local currency. 

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So there you have it. We really hope this has inspired to you make a move – Nepal certainly wont disappoint. 

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